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The NEW ARDUINO IDE 2.0 Mystery Revealed

Arduino IDE 2.0 is the next generation of Arduino programming. It’s faster, more intuitive, and easier to use than ever before. With Arduino IDE 2.0, you can quickly and easily program your Arduino projects with ease.

all about about Arduino IDE 2.0!

Arduino IDE 2.0 has finally attained the “stable branch,” having gone on from the Beta version in the Spring of 2021. Over the last  two months, we’ve succeeded in becoming an indispensable resource to the Arduino community because of our development of features that are useful to the broadest audience possible. Due to its responsive interface and its faster compilation time, the web-based editor is a modern choice and guarantees an enhanced user experience.

If our description makes sense to you, IDE 2.0 offers various improvements and greater service. You can use the Serial Monitor and Plotter side by side to have two windows displaying your output data. As opposed to past times, when you had to choose between text and graphs, you can always have both.

Arduino IDE 2.0

Arduino IDE 2.0 about

Along with an improved user interface in Arduino IDE 2.0 that is much more intuitive, the value of speed doesn’t get any higher. The Arduino-oriented code completion and code assistance functions within the code completion functions Inside a language server will help you write code fairly quickly and identify errors as you compose. Discoveries made by our customers increased the clarity of our mission and helped us determine the near-term qualities of our code completion and completion, serial output, loading, and compiling scripts.

Paul Stoffregen deserved particular recognition for his indispensable comments to IDE development team and his energetic work towards producing the very first assistance for cutting-edge third-celebration platforms like Teensy for IDE 2.0 (currently experimental).

Here are a few of the main features of the new IDE 2.0, in case you haven’t tried it yet:

Autocompletion becomes available while sketching.

The editor can suggest functions and variables as you type them based on your code and the libraries you’ve used:


The Autocomplete Feature | Arduino IDE 2.0

An contextual menu item appears when you right click on a variable or function, offering immediate access to the line (and file) where they are declared:

a new theme (DARK MODE:)

Arduino IDE: 2.0 dark mode

Arduino IDE: 2.0 dark mode

Dark Mode feature in your smartphone’s Preferences menu may be convenient if you are suffering vision pain or feel the need to look at your phone after dark. It was previously accessible only during beta testing, but our team has fine-tuned the feature and now boasts a more comprehensive dark theme that reduces the strain on the eyes.

Arduino Cloud enables an important degree of security for sketches:

Those who use multiple computers or would like to securely share Sketchbook files in the cloud will find the Remote Sketch Book Integration helpful. IDE 2.0 currently allows you to edit every Sketchbook stored in Arduino Cloud and Arduino Web Editor.

You have full accessibility to your sketches and libraries while you’re working online. Access the Arduino Web Editor and you can code in the online IDE with access to all your sketches and libraries even if you don’t have any of your PC’ s Arduino IDE 2.0 installed. With Remote Sketchbook, your sketches can be safely sent to the Arduino Cloud with a single click, so you will not need to be concerned about losing them along the way.

Bring up your sketch and drag it down from the cloud to edit it offline, and then press “Push” when you are back online. Your sketches will sync this way, making them immediately available for you to edit.

Serial Plotter

Using the Serial Plotter Tool


The Richier version of Serial Plotter, a flexible tool for combining data and variables from your Arduino board, can be found in IDE 2.0. An excellent visual application that will help you understand and interact with your Arduino board points is the Serial Plotter. It can be used in certain scenarios, such as sensing and calibration, value comparison, and similar situations.

In-app updates are available through the app.

Our users generally enjoyed the daily news flashes which IDE 2.0 provided after new downloads and updates became available. Plus, the new version 2.0 now has all its components automatically update itself as soon as a new version becomes available, so no more going to the download page is required.

The new IDE is based on the Eclipse Theia framework, which is open source and resembles a renovation of Microsoft Visual Studio Code (language server protocol, extensions, and debugger). The web browser is written using TypeScript, whereas most the back end is written in Golang.

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