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Besomi Electronics Group is dedicated to helping our partners, clients and suppliers reach their optimal potential through engineering spare parts. We are a trusted leader in the region with over 22 years of experience sourcing world-class products from all around the globe to provide solutions for sectors such as oil & gas, industrial, education, communication and governmental entities. Our unique value proposition lies in pairing best-in-class customer service with cost-effective solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. With this combination we strive for creating partnerships that create long lasting results and sustainable growth across industries. Our aim is centered on continuing to offer exceptional services that meet the everchanging demands of today’s dynamic markets while upholding our commitment to quality workmanship and providing dependable support always.

At Besomi Electronics, we believe in providing engineers with the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality and demonstrate their capabilities. Inspired by our passion for engineering, we specialize in offering engineers help and guidance on all kind of projects.

Our mission

Ensuring every engineer has access to the tools they need for problem-solving success.

Our vision

To be a global leader in industrial automation solutions. We strive to empower today’s innovators so they can continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible tomorrow.